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Check if your in a 10/50 Area

Find Out if you are in a 10/50 area

Every year homes across Australia are damaged by Bushfires, last year’s summer the cost was estimated at over $550 million. For anyone who enjoys residing in close proximity to bushland, needs to do pre fire season preparation before the season arrives, with Government schemes like the 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Scheme providing home dwellers who live near the bush with a preemptive way of preparing for bushfires.

Use our tool to check if you live in a 10/50 area.

If you aren’t in a 10/50 area but still wish to protect your property from bushfires, or want to obtain a council permit for vegetation management or remove trees from your property, just click on your council link below.

Obtain your council permit here:

Obtain a Council Permit
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