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After a tree has been cut down, there will remain a stump. Most property owners prefer not to see the remnants of a tree so they ask for it to be grinded down. Having a stump in the yard can also be dangerous for it can harm children and even adults if left on its own. It could also do some serious damage to a lawn mower if accidentally hit.
In addition, tree stumps can result in new tree growth and divert nutrients from other plants around it. As it decays, it may also attract pests. The last thing you want near your home is a growing colony of termites. The reason you let people cut it down in the first place is for your backyard/ frontyard not to have a tree, so it is only understandable not to leave a stump that can grow into another tree.
That is why it is highly recommended to have the Touchwood Tree Services perform stump grinding after the removal of a tree. The benefits of grinding the stump to below ground level can vastly outweigh whatever savings you might get by leaving it as it is. Safety, pest control, aesthetics – these are all important factors that impact the value of your property.
With almost two decades of experience under our belt, Touchwood Tree Services and our team of expert arborists can safely and quickly grind that stump down so that you can get on with enjoying your property.
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