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In this time of environmental responsibility, there is no reason to treat branches and foliage as garbage. Whether you have pruned your trees and bushes yourself or have had our expert arborists do it, you can recycle your tree waste. Tree waste can be turned into wood chips and mulch, both of which can be used to enhance the health of gardens, lawns, or plants.
Wood chips make excellent composting material, or fuel for controlled fires, such as when you are camping. They can also be used as a walkway substrate or added to floral decorations for added texture and appeal. Wood chips can also be used as part of mulch.
Mulch is placed on garden beds and around your landscaping to help retain moisture in the soil by preventing the topsoil from overheating and drying out. Mulch can moderate the temperature around plants and trees and enriches the soil so that plants and gardens stay healthy. Mulch can also help control weed growth and provide some pest control.
At Touchwood Tree Services, we’d be delighted to turn your tree waste into useful chips and mulch. With our expertise and commitment to our community of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, we can identify whether the mulch will be suitable for your garden, especially if you had a tree die prematurely or if it was diseased.
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