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Seeing the Importance in Tree Care

by | Aug 30, 2017

When severe weather events occur and damage is caused by falling trees, most people would automatically assume that the weather caused the tree to fall. Surprisingly, a large number of downed trees are the result of pre-existing tree health problems. The healthier the tree, the more likely it would have been to weather the storm, so to speak.

Damage from falling trees can be significant and can cost you thousands. With proactive and regular tree care, however, you can decrease the likelihood of trees on your property falling and causing damage and danger.

Here are a few things you can do to improve the health and resilience of your trees.

  • Tree Health Inspection. Qualified arborists can assess the health of your trees and identify any weaknesses and vulnerabilities that can be exacerbated by bad weather. They can also tell you what species of trees you have, and which ones are more resilient. They can also provide tree care tips..
  • Prune Your Trees. Just as some plants need to be pruned to promote new growth and to strengthen them overall, proper tree pruning can improve the health and resilience of your trees. In addition, a good arborist can prune them in a way that makes them more resistant to wind, and with properly spaced branches.
  • Give Roots Some TLC. A layer of mulch around the roots of trees can help them retain water and nutrients and provide some temperature moderation. A knowledgeable arborist will be able to give you advice as to thickness and type of mulch for optimal fortification.
  • Watch for Warning Signs. Professional arborists can tell you what signs you will see if your trees need tending. Warning signs may include:
    • Splits, wounds, or defects in the wood;
    • Dead branches around the crown of the tree;
    • Brittle bark that falls off;
    • A noticeable lean;
    • Co-dominant stems – i.e. “twin trunks” or twin branches from the same point of origin. These can be very unstable, structurally, and are more likely to fall during a storm or high winds.

If you see anything wrong with your trees, you should call in the professionals as soon as practicable to minimize any potential damage the tree or trees can cause to people or property. The sooner the situation is remedied, the safer you and your property are, and the lower the costs in the long run.

You may also want to notify your neighbours if you see tree health warning signs on their trees, especially if any of them branch into your property. Give us a call at 0430 878 443 or contact us online with any questions, or to have us take a look at your trees.