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Seeking Arborist Quotes? Check These Things Before You Say Yes!

by | Jul 20, 2020

It’s time to bring down that darned tree!

Just don’t assume that cheapest is best or that Googling “professional tree service near me” will get you an expert – exactly what are you getting for your money? Protect yourself. It’s essential to know exactly what arborist quotes include and how the arborists’ practice. When seeking arborists in Newcastle, it’s vital to do your due diligence and by reading this blog post, it seems you already are.

What Does An Arborist Do?

There’s a misconception that arborists and tree lopping in Newcastle are the same things. This simply isn’t true.

While yes, the general goal can be to bring down a tree, an arborist is certified and qualified to accurately assess the situation and its impact on safety, the tree, and the connected landscape surrounding it.

Most importantly, a level 5 arborist has the horticultural skills and qualifications to provide detailed reports, felling plans, and management plans for trees that can be saved.

When it comes to cutting back and pruning trees, arborists use certified techniques that are proven to encourage healthy growth in the tree, rather than potentially hindering it.

Risks, Safety, And Knowing What Will Be Involved

Bringing a tree down on your property is a big deal. It can be a technical task that may involve risks or difficulties, depending on the situation. There are important aspects to consider:
• Does the arborist complete a formal felling plan before carrying out the task?
• Do they have adequate safety practices? Is there a safety and emergency plan in place?
• How do they plan to minimise potential damage?
• Does the arborist have adequate insurance? This will usually be a public liability policy, an accident and sickness policy, and equipment policy.
• What is their safety record like? Do they have references that can back this up?

What Are The Staffing Arrangements and Certifications?

Asking about staffing arrangements may seem a little odd, but you’d be surprised how many arborists hire contractors rather than dealing with superannuation, payroll and the likes.

When arborists use contractors, their control and active participation diminish, and this can result in issues. It’s always advised to seek out an arborist who hires their staff directly.

Ensure that the arborist carrying out the felling or pruning is at least certified to Level 3. The arborist providing reports and horticultural advice should be certified to level 5.

Is The Arborist Fee Fixed Or Variable?

It stands to reason that you need to be prepared for the worst. Even the most skilled arborist is going to come up against difficult situations or plans gone wrong during their career. Ask your arborist if their fee is fixed or whether changes to circumstances will potentially increase what you have to pay.

The quoted fee can also depend on things such as, which staff are utilised, how many trees are felled, what techniques and equipment are used, and whether tree removal is included.

Will The Service Require Repeat Consultations and Treatments?

Think ahead and get the full picture. Is this quote for a complete and finalised service or only one part of the service?

If the arborist quote recommends saving the tree and offers a management plan, the quote may seem cheap but you may find that there are hidden costs after the first service for the arborist to return for reviews, treatments and pruning periodically.

If there is a contract, read it thoroughly and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

What Do Tree Removal Companies Do With The Wood?

Some arborists dump it, others mulch and resell it – what happens to the wood after a felling can be a grey area.

A certified arborist can advise whether a tree is suitable as mulch – sometimes a diseased tree is better off being disposed of to protect your other plants. Check whether your arborist offers a chipping and mulching service, this will allow you to put your trees to continued good use!

Tree Removal Cost Newcastle

Most importantly – check that tree removal is a part of the quote! Tree removal costs can vary depending on tree weight, the species of tree, how easy it is to access, dangers involved, and the business you choose to remove it. The complexity of the job will determine whether or not a landscaping company could do it or an arborist.

Touchwood Tree Services are Newcastle’s expert arborists with a passion for quality, safety, and local horticulture. They’d be pleased to provide you with an arborists quote and professional assessment!